DG Monitoring System

Smart Diesel Generator
Monitoring Solution

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Overview Generator Monitoring

Real-time monitoring
& analysis of DG parameters.

Remote health diagnostics to prioritize DG maintenance.

Lock & unlock gensets remotely
to prevent unauthorized access.

Proactive fuel consumption monitoring, & pilferage alerts.

The monitoring and maintenance of  generators have always been manual and onsite, incurring heavy losses for industries, rental agencies, and customers due to lack of relevant data. Our innovative, real-time DG monitoring and  management solution, provides a convenient means to let you remotely monitor vital aspects of the generator such as fuel, coolant level, pressure, voltage, temperature, and energy for a seamless operation.

We offer a fully scalable solution to monitor and diagnose your entire generator systems from anywhere, anytime assuring you peace of mind. Our predictive technology make sure that your generators are in good and healthy condition to function uninterruptedly in an event of an emergency.

System Architecture

Intelligent sensors, with capabilities to monitor various parameters are integrated with the generator.
The sensors communicate with our gateway device TraDe, which captures the readings acquired by the sensors and transmits them to our IoT platform-DATOMS. These data are monitored continuously in real-time and can be viewed anywhere-anytime through user interactive web and mobile applications.

Monitoring Parameters

dg monitoring parameters

Application Features

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Real-Time Insights​

Real-Time Insights

Fault & Violation Alerts​

Fault & Violation Alerts

Remote Control (On/Off & Lock/Unlock)

Remote Control

(On/Off & Lock/Unlock)

Custom Reports (Raw & Average)

Custom Reports

(Raw & Average)

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports

User Management

User Management

Enterprise Platform to
Manage Your Rentals From Anywhere.

Be “THE LEADER” of your industry and stay ahead of the competition by overcoming rental challenges and making your business niche unique.

Effectively monitor your rental generators remotely, to gain a better understanding of how they are being used. Keep an eye on them to prevent their unauthorized usage, theft etc. which will improve their uptime and efficacy, resulting in increasing profits and higher customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Platform for
OEMs and O&Ms to Manage Their Customers

Manufacturers can leverage DATOMS® remote genset monitoring solution to determine the cause affecting the performance of generators in real-time. The data generated will help manufacturers predict and prevent issues even before they arise, helping them improve their machine design and performance in future.

Overall Benefits

Streamline Performance

Streamline Performance

Improve the operational efficiency and performance of your gensets by continuously monitoring vital parameters thereby reducing the risk of failure during power loss.

Higher Profits

Higher Profits

The monitoring system keeps track of fuel consumed, stops fuel theft and also reduces manual dependency reducing operational costs by half and saves you a lot of money.

Enhancing Decision

Enhancing Decision

Detailed insights & analytics will help in taking value-based decisions with ease. Timely reports will help compare and find out factors hampering the performance of generators on site.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

The remote generator monitoring system gives your customers a peace of mind by proactively addressing issues before they become problems.

Where Can be Implemented ?

Today almost every facility, such as industries, data centres, hospitals, buildings, banks and even household rely on generators, due to frequent power outages. These unplanned power outages can drop the productivity of any business and enterprise or can even be life-threatening for hospitals and health-care facilities. Having a smart and remotely monitored standby generator system is the ultimate protection to avoid any uncomfortable situation.

mines & industries

Mines & Industries

data center

Data Centres

emergency services

Emergency Services

real estates

Real Estate

Discover what
makes your generators smart?

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