Murari Power Solutions Transforms it's Generator Rental Business with DATOMS.


Established in 2017, Murari Power Solutions is a big name in rental business that rents out generators to various customers and sectors like banking, pharmaceuticals, food chain etc. where the generator availability is very essential to stay on track and maintain day-to-day activities. They were seeking for a solution that would allow them to manage and monitor their rented generators on a real-time basis. Murari Power chose DATOMS remote monitoring solution to address their business requirement, which streamlined their operations and improved the customer experience.

Business Challenge:

The challenges they faced with the backup power systems were, when the customer required generators to be up and running; at that point in time due to various other reasons the generators won’t start. This drove up their operating costs and also lead to customer dissatisfaction.

They identified three major factors for these troubles:

  1. The fuel level was not being monitored.
  2. Battery voltage was not being monitored.
  3. Oil pressure was not being monitored.

To streamline operations, they needed a technology solution that could help them keep a track of their generator devices accurately in real time.

Finding the Right Partner:

They were in search of a strategic partner who can provide them a complete synchronize end-to-end monitoring solution that will give them a complete visibility of their rental assets, so that the end customers will have the generators up and running whenever they want it. While looking for ways to get better, they came across “DATOMS-An enterprise platform for rental asset monitoring” referred by one of their business partners.

How DATOMS turned out to be an effective solution for Murari Power?

DATOMS provided them with a unified platform to efficiently manage their rental operations for seamless coordination with their on-site engineers. The solution constantly monitors the critical parameters of every generator like battery voltage, fuel level, engine faults etc. in real-time and sends alerts via email and text notification whenever the sensors detect any anomaly in the generators.

The platform also allows users to set threshold based on generator manufacturer recommended limits, which signals for alerts on events like low fuel, fuel leakage, overheating, engine overspeed etc.

The reporting dashboard provides them with an option to schedule reports at periodic interval of time, which gives them a detailed analysis of key performance metrices to quickly identify problems and deliver a solution.

Major Benefits that Murari Power reaped from DATOMS!

Murari Power Solutions deployed the monitoring solutions at 21 locations across different southern region. Once the installation was finished, they observed an immediate positive impact to their rental operations. They were able to remotely diagnose their generator where any issue was raised.
In one case they were able to reduce the 24 hours check out process time to identify and resolve the problem to just 1 hour without any intervention of customer.

They were now able to deliver fuel to the customer site in time whenever the fuel level reaches threshold all these even before the customer could sense the drop in fuel level in his generator.

With timely and accurate data about asset utilization, Murari Power were able to:

  • Reduce taxes and operational expenses
  • Reduce unwanted manpower visiting site multiple time to identify the root cause.
  • Increased in uptime from 90-99.99%


"The remote DG Monitoring solution provided by DATOMS helped us boost our business by almost 15% within a span of one and half months. I would recommend all our micro partners to leverage the monitoring solution by DATOMS to boost their business."
Nagaraj.S -
Proprietor Murari Power Solutions

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