Remote Monitoring of Industrial Assets - Solution Deployed at ONGC Gas Wells

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DATOMS provides its customers Industrial IoT and WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) solutions to enhance and empower their businesses by deploying an ecosystem capable of evaluating, analysing and communicating various parameters essential and critical to the processes. One such esteemed client of ours is the Parbatpur Coal Mine owned by ONGC located in Bokaro, Jharkhand. ONGC is the leading PSU in the field of coal mining and the production of coal-based methane.

Problem Statement:

The Parbatpur plant has on-field assets like the Gas Generators, Diesel Generators, Flowmeters and VFD (Variable-Frequency Drives). These devices required 24/7 monitoring of critical parameters and synchronization as well as periodic maintenance and upkeep in order to achieve an efficient work cycle. ONGC wanted a solution to automate this process, monitor data, report and deploy corrective measures in case of breakdowns and better management of the facility.


  • Each device or asset needed physical monitoring of parameters requiring additional manpower, thus introducing an element of human error in the system.
  • Dependency on manual monitoring methods led to higher operational costs, time-consuming and tedious processes, and suboptimal reliability of data.
  • Despite PLC/Scada based monitoring methods, the devices remained as standalone units with no communication or interaction with the entire ecosystem, which made synchronization a non-entity.
  • This led to data siloes being created within the plant, thus reducing efficiency and increasing downtime in case of breakdowns.

How DATOMS Stepped In ?

We proposed to the client our IoT-based wireless monitoring system. DATOMS is our state-of-the-art IoT platform that integrates the devices, software, services to give the client complete system management in real-time. Let’s have a look at how DATOMS helped ONGC.

Architecture: Asset Monitoring Oil & Gas Fields
  • Deployed connected systems architecture by use of wired/wireless mode over the internet (GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM etc.) enabling data sharing and transmission with ease.
  • Helped synchronize various parameters in real-time, such as operational status, breakdowns, downtime, running costs, etc.
  • Gave the client a unified platform for complete system monitoring, whether on-site or remotely.


  • The system collected and logged important data through sensors on a central platform which led to a reduction in physical manpower for monitoring of equipment, thus leading to cost reductions.
  • Availability of real-time data and statistics helped in the data-driven decision-making process for the client.
  • Since the operational statuses of devices and assets were logged in, the downtime was reduced due to better predictive maintenance.

Key Benefits/Takeaways

The client was satisfied because of the following:

  • Highly connected, interactive and accessible environment for the equipment, thus eliminating isolation and data siloes.
  • Cloud-based storage of data-enabled quick access by any or only authorized personnel, thus eliminating chances of a data breach or misuse.
  • Remote access through multiple communication modes like mobile, laptop, desktop etc. irrespective of network coverage as data is backed up.
  • Highly precise, accurate and reliable data along with visibility and transparency.
  • Stored data is processed into customizable reports for better interpretation and aids decision-making.