CPCB Guidelines for highly polluting industries.

Installation of online emission quality monitoring system in highly polluting industries.  Installation of surveillance system with industrial grade IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. Ensure regular maintenance and operation of the online system with tamper proof mechanism having facilities for online calibration).

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Our solution provides a unified platform to monitor industrial emission, effluent and ambient air quality. We help various industries and organizations to comply with the norms of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB) by following proper implementation of online pollution monitoring system through a transparent and self-regulatory mechanism. Now, the industry can focus on the production growth while we take care of the compliance requirements.

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Remote Configuration

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Remote Calibration

The performance of instruments and analyzers monitoring emissions of various parameters need to be verified on a periodic basis using an outside source. Lack of regular and proper calibration can result in erroneous and incorrect data from the analyzer systems. Our remote calibration feature includes zero and span calibration of different gaseous pollutants such as NOX, SO2, CO etc. The calibration request can be initiated remotely through CPCB portal, the request will then be conveyed to our data transmitting device TraDe, which then will initiate the calibration process with the help of industrial digital computers such as PLC.

IP Camera

Keep a vigil eye on your environment stations, remotely even sitting miles away using our industrial grade IP (Internet Protocol) cameras supporting features like PAN, Tilt Zoom (PTZ), Night Vision for monitoring real-time situation of pollutants disposed such as (pH, BOD, COD etc.) helping you submit live compliance data online seamlessly.

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