Your Path to Compliance Excellence
in Industrial Emissions Monitoring!

  • Stay Compliant with CPCB Compliance Guidelines
  • Empower Your Industry with IoT-Based CEMS, AAQMS and EQMS Solutions
  • Enhance Security with Industrial-Grade IP Cameras


Solutions for Every Use Case!

Stack Emission

Stay in full control of emissions to meet CPCB and SPCB guidelines. Our real-time monitoring, coupled with immediate threshold alerts, ensures you maintain compliance effortlessly.


Maintain exceptional effluent quality standards with our monitoring system. DATOMS® allows you to submit real-time compliance data online, ensuring you consistently adhere to regulatory standards.


Unlock Valuable Insights in Air Quality Trends. Our Platform Provides Powerful Data Analysis Tools with Intuitive Charts, Graphs, and Maps to Assess Your Pollution Control Strategies Effectively.

Flow Meters

Accurate Flow Monitoring, Simplified Compliance. Stay CPCB and SPCB Compliant with Real-time Monitoring and Threshold Alerts.

IP Camera

Enhanced Security and Surveillance with IP Cameras. Monitor Your Premises Effectively with Real-time Insights and Alerts.


Empowering Informed Decision-Making and Regulatory Compliance through Groundwater Level Management.

Your One-Stop-Store for
Hassle-free Compliance Management

Capture data in real-time

IoT Gateways and Edge Gateways make it easy to collect stack emission data directly from CEMS analyzers or your SCADA system.

Regulatory Compliance Reports

Ensure compliance with various regulatory bodies in different regions using our online emission monitoring system, which covers CPCB, SPCB and any other authorities.

Effortless Regulatory Data Exchange Workflows

Simplify interactions with regulatory bodies by sharing data through either manual reporting processes or automated methods.

Empower Your Industrial Operations

DATOMS® delivers a suite of features designed to simplify and optimize compliance monitoring


Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor emissions, effluents, and ambient air quality in real time, enabling swift corrective actions when needed.


Remote Configuration

Streamline monitoring system setup and management with remote configuration capabilities, saving valuable time and resources.


Customized Reports

Generate tailored reports to meet your specific needs, ensuring you have access to critical data when it matters most.


User Management

Enhance accountability with standardized user management, ensuring secure and controlled data access.


Remote Calibration

Ensure the accuracy of your monitoring instruments with our remote calibration feature, supporting zero and span calibration of gaseous pollutants initiated through the CPCB portal.


IP Camera Surveillance

Monitor environmental parameters in real time using our industrial-grade IP cameras. Features like PAN, Tilt Zoom (PTZ), and night vision provide real-time situational awareness of key pollutants, even from remote locations.

A unified platform compatible
with CEMS/EQMS analyzers from various manufacturers.

Calling on Analyzer OEM Manufacturers!

Join forces with us to be at the forefront of delivering compliance-driven products. Partner with our cutting-edge solutions and help industries meet their regulatory requirements seamlessly. By collaborating with us, you can access a world of opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and empower businesses to achieve compliance excellence.
Let’s shape the future of compliant technology together.