One-Stop Solution to Connected Electric Vehicles

The use of electric vehicles are expanding. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer of electric vehicles, bikes etc. transform your business operations and product line with IoT connected smart apps. Leverage DATOMS to gain your customer’s trust, manage crucial battery metrics, check the health of the car, and provide white-labelled smart applications. Drive electric vehicle adoption and be the change you wish to see.

Smart EV Monitoring

Overcome Electric Vehicle Adoption Barriers with DATOMS

EV Battery Health

Get accurate battery health forecasting even if you are miles away from your vehicle right at your fingertips.

Battery Voltage & Energy

Real-time monitoring of voltage, energy usage levels to ensure your vehicle and battery are safe to operate.

EV Suitability Assessment

Periodic reports to help drive optimal EV performance over time helping you save money in the long run.

Geolocation Mapping

Identify potential events of thefts by tracking exact location of electric vehicles in real-time with GPS mapping solution.

Efficient Route Planning

Insights on your battery energy levels and remaining charge time/range to help you assist in efficient route planning.

Alerts & Notifications

Set the types of alerts you want to receive, and get notified for battery low levels, charging status, engine on/off status etc.

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