Manage & Control
Your Compressors Remotely

Easy-to-deploy remote monitoring solution that captures data from your air compressors and provides you clear insights in real-time. Datoms air compressor monitoring system; let’s you connect from anywhere to give you real-time information 24×7, that helps prevent failure while maximizing efficiency.

Key Highlights of Air Compressor Monitoring System

  • Real-time parameters monitoring & Operational analysis for selected period.
  • Remote diagnostics of air compressors with alerts on abnormal activities.
  • Operate (On/Off) your air compressors remotely from anywhere even through your mobile app.
  • Monitor energy consumption patterns in real time to boost performance and efficiency.
  • Generate custom reports on regular basis to understand the running condition of air compressors.

Data Flow Architecture

IoT Powered Remote Monitoring (Monitor all your compressors from a single dashboard)

DATOMS monitoring solution easily connects to your air compressor using our state-of-art-IoT-technology. The data is captured and transmitted to our cloud based IoT platform for analysis and is presented to web and mobile platform for easy and quick decision making.

Monitoring Key
Air Compressor Parameters

We track and monitor various parameters to ensure air compressors are running smoothly without consuming unnecessary power. The parameters include:-

Save up to

30% with improved energy efficiency
(70% of the money you spend on your compressor is on energy)

Increase your uptime with

3% increase in the availability of your compressor
(8 days increased uptime per compressor per year)

Operating Efficiency

8% flow efficiency increase on average per compressor per year. (Ensure optimization of your compressor)

HSE Risk

75 fewer trips to (Reduce windscreen time, maintenance and repair time)

Smart Monitoring with Smart Features

Remote Diagnostic

Reports & Analytics

Alerts & Notifications

Data Security

Increased Efficiencies

Innovative Monitoring and Control Solutions for Air Compressors

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