Enhancing Asset Visibility

Allowing Equipment OEMs to Reap Benefits of Industrial IoT

Changing the Manufacturing Industry by implemnting IIoT

Challenges for Equipment Manufacturers

Unavailability of
Equipment Data

Equipment Manufacturers irrespective of their sectors, lack in real-time visibility of how their equipment operates once it reaches their end customers. This daunts their new design cycle as they are unable to know the current bottlenecks in their products design and operations, restricting them to adopt a proactive approach towards quality enhancement as per real-world usage.

Field Service

Equipment manufacturers almost loose a percentage of their overall revenue due to lack of information during an equipment breakdown by sending the wrong person with the wrong tool at the wrong time, resulting in costly service re-visits to client location which could have been easily averted if a remote diagnostic mechanism would have been possible.

Customer Billing & Tracking

Manually managing of customers along with maintaining a track of billing for each individual customer and equipment is far more complex than looks, impacting their revenue, as equipment’s may come with guarantees and customer may purchase extended warranties, so it can become a mayhem toefficiently manage to whom, when and how much to pay.

Customer Experience

In this growing age of competitiveness when products are becoming commoditized, delivering robust technical and engineering support to customers, helping them reduce losses and unexpected machine downtime while maintaining a service standard becomes a key for success and growth while creating new revenue streams.

Connecting Industrial Assets & Enhancing their Value

connecting machines

Seamless Migration From Legacy Applications

Why “rip and replace” legacy systems to achieve your modernization goals. With DATOMS you can quickly and easily migrate from legacy-based factories to smart factories, without interrupting your business operations.
DATOMS connects each and every machine using sensors to gather information from your devices. These data are then analysed on a variety of factors and the information is shared with the concerned department to raise pre-warning alert in case of any possible breakdown, for predictive action thus improving the effectiveness and functionality of machines by reducing potential risks and improving its efficiencies.

Centralizing Services Under One Hood

Device Management

device management

Service Management

Customer Management

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