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Complete Fuel Management Solution for your industrial assets & fleets.

Fuel-Management Systems

Fuel Management Dashboard

Get the complete fuel performance indicators on a single page.

Unified dashboard to help you drive strategic decision making by providing you with valuable insights into your assets fuel consumption patterns. Overcome the challenge of fuel pilferage/theft and enhance fuel efficiency by cutting down idling time and saving big on fuel expenses.

Fuel Usage Analytics & Reports

Automated reporting to help you get rid of traditional ways of maintaining reports.

Fuel Trends Reports:
Generate and view daily, weekly or monthly fuel costs to analyze fuel expenses and consumption to curb pilferage and theft.

Fuel Analytics Reports:
Various fuel analytics reports that provide detailed information on the amount of fuel utilized each trip and per asset, allowing you to plan your expenses over time.

Custom Reports:
Generate custom reports for every assets as per your requirement which includes consumption trends, cost incurred, fuel filled and drained history etc.

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Reduced Fuel Pilferage
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Improved Assets Efficiency
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Reduced Fuel Costs

A Robust Solution to Keep Your Assets Fueled.

Benefits of leveraging DATOMS fuel management solution

Fuel Consumption Insights

Get accurate insights on your fuel transactions like fuel filled, consumed, drained etc. to help you decide on your fuel expense.

Save on Fuel Costs

Save upto 25-30% on your fuel expenses using our state of art fuel monitoring and management solution.

Fuel Analytics & Reports

Schedule daily, weekly reports to analyze details about fuel refuelling, consumption patterns to decide on fuel expense.

Reduce Fuel Theft/Pilferage

Get rid of fraudulent means of fuel theft and pilferage by analyzing the breakdown of fuel usage pattern.

Zero Fuel Wastage

Reduce fuel wastage by eliminationg engine idling time, and other parameters such as engine hard acceleration/deceleration etc.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Get real-time alerts whenever the fuel level goes below the defined limit, notifying you for timely refuel/avoiding pilferage.

How it Works?

All in one solution comprising of sensor, gateway and software platfrom

Our Fuel Management solution is compatible with multiple brands of fuel level sensors, that can be used for monitoring fuel in generators, industrial/construction equipment’s and heavy vehicles. The sensors are fitted to fuel tanks to monitor the fuel levels. The sensors continuously capture the fuel level in the tanks and transmits the data in real time to the application platform.
Whenever the fuel level goes low or there’s a sudden fluctuation in the fuel level an alarm is initiated from the platform to the user notifying him to refuel or warn him of any possible suspect of leakage or pilferage/theft. Additionally, you can also generate weekly and monthly reports to verify and compare the refueled volumes with the reported fuel entry log to stop malpractices.

Fuel management-Architecture

Doorstep Fuel Delivery

Get your fuel delivered right to your doorstep.

We are reimagining the future of fuel delivery  by partnering with leading fuel aggregators to make seamless fuel delivery with complete transparency. Customers can leverage the One-Tap-Fuel feature on our platform, to schedule their fuel delivery requirements and get it delivered to their doorstep; with convenience of online and pay on delivery options.

Place your order and relax while we help you get your fuel delivered right to your doorstep.

Industries that Leverage our Solution

Comprehensive fuel management solutions for every use case.

Genset Industry

Heavy Vehicles

Construction Equipments

Mining Industries

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“The fuel management solution for generators  provided by DATOMS helped us boost our business by almost 15% within a span of one and half months. I would recommend all our micro partners to leverage the monitoring solution by DATOMS to boost their business.”


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