Monitor Passive Telecom Assets with Remote Cell Tower Monitoring

The rapid expansion of telecom towers is making it difficult for telecom companies to manage them efficiently.

*For assets that are valued between $200,000 & $250,000 per installation,
such risks pose a major threat to tower operators and telecommunications companies.

With DATOMS, experience holistic tower monitoring that makes it easier for tower owners to monitor and control their passive infrastructures remotely, regardless of their geographic location.


Challenges Telecom Owners & Operators Face

The most common challenges that adds to the complexity of
telecommunications operators to provide a quality, uninterrupted service are:

Remote Locations

Limited Connectivity

Escalating Energy Bills

Unsecured Remote Sites

Fuel Pilferage

Asset Maintenance

Tight SLA’s

Site Downtime


Cell Tower Monitoring

Remote visibility into health & status of cell tower sites and their connected assets. DATOMS Cell Tower Monitoring solution is a complete package comprising of hardware’s, software’s & sensors

cell tower monitoring_architecture

Remote Cell Tower Monitoring Solution

Predictive Maintenance

DATOMS Predictive maintenance technology monitors the performance and conditions of equipment’s in real time to reduce the chances of sudden failures in future. Predictive maintenance ensures maximum uptime of assets with fewer breakdowns.


The energy management feature lets you efficiently manage multiple power sources to ensure continuous uptime and systematic management of energy to maximize productivity and help bring down energy consumption and outages.

Diesel Generator Monitoring, Cell Tower Monitoring

Diesel Generator Monitoring

Remotely monitor, manage & control your generator from anywhere. OEMs can leverage datoms  genset monitoring solution to determine the cause affecting the performance of generators in real-time, helping them improve their machine design and performance in future.

SLA Management

Ensures that you derive higher business value through better management of IT & OT processes.

Remote Security & Survelliance

Remotely monitor the security of critical assets 24/7, by keeping a vigilant eye alerting you whenever there’s a security breach giving you peace of mind.

Asset Management

Actively monitor the status of all the assets empowering you to know the information and status by eliminating the need for any manual effort.

Asset Management
customer management, cell tower monitoring

Customer management

Unify customer experience across channels by keeping track of all the issues, billings etc through a single unified platform. Easily view all customer previous details to quickly act on their issues thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits & Value Propositions

Reduced OPEX

Reduced OPEX

Minimize OPEX by almost 40% by reducing energy consumptions and maintenance costs.

Maximize Uptime

Maximize Uptime

Enhanced tower uptime by almost 97% with predictive maintenance technologies and increased service levels.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Converting data into actionable insights to improve network efficiency.

Quick Issue Resolution

Quick Issue Resolution

Real-time data to quickly identify issues remotely and sending an engineer on time for faster problem resolution.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reduce energy bills by 35-40% by monitoring energy consuming components in each site.

Reduced Fuel Saving

Reduced Fuel Saving

Identify fuel theft and leakage instantly by monitoring the consumption pattern in generators.

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