About Us

Making Industry 4.0 Possible

Hello! This is DATOMS

We are a team of passionate individuals with a zeal to bring awareness, connectivity and web-integration among the cities, industries, organizations thus helping bridge the information gap between people and decision makers to make the world a better place to live in.


Our Vision

To build a global brand which will help transform the industries and create a framework to build sustainable cities.

Amiya Kumar Samantaray

Why Are We Here ?

DATOMS brings in technologies such as things network-IoT and Big data to build a comprehensive ecosystem for smart cities empowering governments, administrations and decision makers to make better data driven decisions, making cities smart, safe and sustainable thus improving the lives of people and citizens inhabiting them and also helping industries meet their compliance requirements and cities to achieve their sustainable development goals through sensor nodes and data analysis.


At DATOMS, you work with some of great talents from diverse background
working towards achieving a common sustainable development goal. We are completely transparent with our employees, valuing their diversities and inputs thus promoting an environment where everyone is admired.