“Connecting Silos, Delivering Value”

The all in one platform powering enterprises.

Secure & scalable platform to unleash the value of IoT for

Turning Your Concepts into Reality

DATOMS is a unified and highly scalable IoT platform offering seamless integration of devices, protocols and software’s, solving the IoT implementation challenges for enterprises, in turn reducing the dependencies of various departments and simplifying communication complexities of process, manufacturing and discrete industries.

An adaptive platform for your IoT initiatives.
With powerful built-in features, and intuitive user interface.

Analytics & Visualizations

Forecasting & Actionable Insights

Alerts & Rules Engine

Automated & Manual rule creation & processing

Real-Time & BIG Data

Device/Sensor/Operational data & information

Device/Sensor Configuration & Control

Device, User, Service & Product management

Application Specific KPI Dashboards/Templates

User Authentication & Access Control

Unlock the value of your data
& re-define the future of your business

DATOMS helps you build and scale your IoT solutions faster. A robust solution allowing enterprises to connect and manage millions of connected devices.


Easily connect your devices and assets to our IoT Platform using any connectivity medium and scale up gradually.


Configure your devices and processes to transmit data to our IoT platform securely and relentlessly round the clock.


Easily visualize and mange your devices with our smart and interactive dashboards for prudent decision making.


Analyze real-time, historical data to identify trends to predict critical events and take preventive actions based on valuable insights.

DATOMS IoT Platform Advantages

A distinctive platform with comprehensive IIoT packages that are essential to your digital transformation.

Fast, Scalable & Elastic

Fast, Scalable, & Elastic

Fast, Scalable, elastic by design allowing you to onboard any number of devices & manage billions of request without any error or downtime.

Agnostic and Independent

Agnostic and Independent

Get the freedom to deploy your solution anywhere you prefer either on-premise or in public/private cloud infrastructure.

Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance

Fault management functionality detects and diagnoses both hardware and network connectivity-based failures automatically without any downtime.

Fault Tolerance


Intuitive interface & dashboards for visualization of data and KPIs, letting you interact with your IOT ecosystem with a click of a button.

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