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A Single Platform for all IOT Solution

Smart Data Acquisition with Low Infrastructure Investments

Digitize your machines making them smarter with minimal investment in  infrastructure.

Platform to control your IoT Deployments

Optimise And Automate

Leverage real-time data of operational insights & machines health to optimize and automate your processes with a scalable architecture.
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Increasing trust & transperancy

Accountable and Transparent systems

Simplify communications to bring transperancy among stakeholders saving time and efforts for higher profitability.

Better Smarter Optimized Automated Solutions for Every Use case


Empowering government and citizens with the real-time data of the environment, facilitating informed decisions and a healthy lifestyle.

Compliance Reporting

We ensure your day to day operations are inline with regulatory standards prescribed by the central and state pollution control boards through online data connectivity.

Flood Monitoring

Track flood levels, intensity in real time and communicate precautionary measures to prevent loss of life & property.

Smart Cities

We help cities improve their infrastructure, public utilities and other valuable services to empower citizens for a healthy well-being.


Real-time energy monitoring helping you reduce your energy cost thereby improving process quality.

Solar Monitoring

Automated solar monitoring solution helping you retrieve optimum power output from solar power plants.

Heavy Industries

Our solutions for the heavy industry ensure that companies find better ways to boost their productivity & minimize downtime through predictive maintenance.

Process Manufacturing

Attain operational excellence across your operations by deploying smart devices to compile critical data and turning this information into valuable insights.

Oil & Gas Fields

Get an added layer of protection to your wells and equipment’s through our remote monitoring solutions.

Driving Exceptional Business Outcomes

Improving Industrial Efficency
Improving Industrial Efficency
Reducing Operational Costs
Reducing Operational Costs
Capture New Revenue Models
Capture New Revenue Models
Deepen customer Relationship
Deepen Customer Relationship

Powering the Future of Industrialization

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Partner With Us

If you are looking for our collaborative solution then consider DATOMS®. Equipment Manufacturers and System Integrators can generate new revenue streams with DATOMS IoT by offering customized solutions for their customers. We deploy & maintain a real-time network for your devices so that you can focus on growing your client base.

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