Datoms Architecture
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Datoms Provides a unified platform for integrators of multiple devices, various protocols and software, in turn reducing the dependencies of various departments and simplifying communication complexities of process, manufacturing and discrete industries.

Transmission Device (TraDe)

TraDe is a series of hardware devices capable of transmitting the sensor data through wireless communication to a remote server for the purpose of storage and further analysis. These devices enables real-time communication between various standard industrial protocols such as Analog, Digital, 4-20 mA, RS 485, RS 232, Modbus RTU / TCP through Wi-Fi, LoRa, Cellular Network and Ethernet.
RS485, RS232, MODBUS
TCP, HTTP, Client-Server
Auto GPRS Connection
Auto Reboot
AES Encryption
ESD Protection

Bring DATOMS® to your industry !

DATOMS® empowers organizations to deploy and configure a wide array of IoT-enabled devices for capturing and analyzing the real-time data from hundreds of processes. A customizable dashboard with various built-in apps simplifies data-driven decisions and critical control of machines, processes and business operations.

Datoms Features

Customized Analytics

Get real-time analytics of your data to draw informed and wise conclusion.

Intelligent Vigilance & Alarm

Round the clock monitoring with efficient alerts to reduce system downtime and asset loss.

Remote Configuration

Configure and control your devices remotely from anywhere without accessing the device physically.

User Management

Highly secure and unique system to manage access for users of different hierarchy.

Custom Reports

Get reports customized as per your specific needs anytime at your fingertip.

Looking for a Collaborative Solution ?

If you are looking for our collaborative solution then consider DATOMS®. System integration can leverage DATOMS® platform to offer a customized IOT solution to your clients. We deploy & maintain a real-time network for your devices so that you can focus on growing your client base.

Remote Control & Configuration

Manage the settings and configurations of thousands of devices remotely without the need for field visit.

Device Management

Get insights of your device functionalities and health status effortlessly with automatic detection of malfunction, effectively reducing system downtime.

Customer Management

Manage users with various hierarchy for your customers and giving them access to various solutions through our platform.