OCL India embraces DATOMS® for Centralised Pollution Monitoring

Customer Profile

OCL India Limited, formerly (Orissa Cement Ltd) is one of the largest and premier cement manufacturing plants of Odisha. Orissa Cement was setup way back in 1950 to manufacture super grade cement for use in the construction of Hirakud dam. The product has been successful in retaining its brand value till date. At present, it’s a part of Dalmia Cement Group.

The environment department of OCL India has a strong commitment towards environment protection. They have installed different pollution monitoring stations within their industry and township to monitor the levels of pollution generated by their industrial activities.

Problem Statement

Following the directives issued by the Central Pollution Control Board, the environment department of OCL India approached us with the following challenges:
  • To meet the compliances and statutory requirements as issued by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB).
  • To create a standard operating procedure for pollution monitoring in order to comply with the internal audit system on a day-to-day basis.
  • A warning system which can help them to avoid the violations of pollution compliances before they actually happen.
  • Single point access without any limitation with physical infrastructure or multiple software dependencies.
  • One solution for visualization of data from various stations, ease of data sharing along with restricted access to users depending upon their hierarchy.
  • Real-time integration of the Pollution Monitoring data with Digital Display Board.

Business Requirement

The key challenge in implementing a smart solution to their problem was:
  • OCL India had various analysers for monitoring different parameters of ambient air, weather, effluent water and emission gases. The industry had CEM Stations attached to the stacks for emission monitoring, EQM Station to monitor effluents present in water and AAQM Stations to monitor parameters of ambient air. The analysers installed in most of these stations were different as they were from different vendors. Some analysers had 4-20 mA signal communication output, some had RS-485, RS-232 or MODBUS standard.
  • So the biggest challenge for them was that they required a device as well as software that would support all the mentioned communication standards. That will simplify their issue of connectivity to receive data simultaneously from all the stations in a single place.

The Solution

After understanding their requirements, we presented them with the following solution:
The solution comprises of a hardware as well as a software component. We have installed our TraDe GPRS device. It supports multiple industrial communication protocols which could be used with any type of analysers. It captures the data from the analysers and transmits packets of data to two parallel servers (i.e. OSPCB and Datoms®) in specified formats.

Datoms® for Pollution Monitoring offers a centralised platform for data visualization, trend analysis for multiple users across the industry. The platform comes with a built-in SMS and Email alert system which was utilised for the industry in order to take required preventive actions against violations.


With our smart industrial IoT Solution, OCL India was able to achieve: 

  1. A system that fulfils their statutory requirements of real-time online pollution monitoring.
  2. A warning system which helped them to get alerts before any violations and accordingly prepare a standard operating procedure with preventive measures for all responsible departments.
  3. One-point access to real-time dashboard representing the acquired data in a user interactive manner.
  4. Data Storage and better reporting with various analysis for internal audits.
  5. Controlled access to data for different departments.

This solution will be very much helpful for various other industries as well who have large number of analysers and need to fulfil CPCB and SPCB compliances.

DATOMS ® | Phoenix Robotix Private Limited is an acclaimed start-up in the field of Industrial IoT and wireless sensor networks. Our Pollution Monitoring solution provides a unified platform to monitor industrial emission, effluent and ambient air quality. We help various industries and organizations to comply with the norms of Central Pollution Control Board(CPCBs) and State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs) by following proper implementation of online pollution monitoring system through a transparent and self-regulatory mechanism. Contact us for a live demo of our Pollution Monitoring solution.