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A One Stop Solution For Simplified Management Of Geographically Distributed Assets.
DATOMS can provide you with the right solutions with state-of-the-art sensor, telemetry devices and applications eliminating dependencies on multiple vendors.
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Transforming the distributed equipment industries with IoT and AI

Enable IoT across your machine fleet to get real-time information at your finger tips. Bring transparency in your business operation by improving the communication gap and empower your workforce with actionable insights to optimize asset performance.

Transforming The Manufacturing & Industrial Landscape

Asset Management Solutions for Every Business

Differentiate yourself with our comprehensive digital solutions

Sell Smart Products

Differentiate your products from the competition. Turn them smart by leveraging our end-to-end IoT solutions.

Product As A Service

Unlock new revenue models and generate value for your customers by adding service component to your product lines.

Smart Rental Service

Shoot up your profits and gain visibility into your rental equipments, improving their life, performance by enabling IoT.

Endless Possibilities with DATOMS Cloud

Discover all the possibilities of what DATOMS can do for your organisation. Scale up your business 10x faster.


Scheduled Reports

Allows users to automatically schedule the delivery of reports at specific intervals to the concerned recipients. Multiple file formats are supported like PDFs, CSV, etc.


Remote Monitoring & Control

Obtain real-time data from devices about their performance and also interact with them remotely to detect and resolve issue proactively.


User Management

Unique access management feature allows user to manage their level of access based on roles and permissions.


White Labelling

Expand your business offerings to meet your customers’ requirements with our ready to use white label solutions.


Scheduled Triggers

Allow robust scheduling of actions to automatically trigger an event on predefined values and anomaly conditions.


Application Specific Templates

Why build from scratch when we have ready to use templates, pre-built for a wide range of use cases.

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Our Success Stories

Nalco Embraces DATOMS Automation Solution for Remote Monitoring of Assets.

DATOMS helped Client reduce their OPEX Using DG Monitoring System.

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