WEBINAR -On Demand

Maximizing Efficiency in Rental Asset Management for Asset Intensive Industries.


Rental Asset Management could reduce costs by optimizing the use of equipment. By tracking the usage of equipment, you could ensure that the equipment is used efficiently and that any unnecessary costs are avoided.

The webinar we will be discussing is: –
1. Equipment-as-a-Service and A Decade of Machine Outcome Economy

2. Introduction, Factors Driving the Change, Different Form Of EAAS, and Opportunity Ahead

3. Benefits of Equipment-as-a-Service Model and Acceleration of EAAS Through Use of IoT and AI

4. Making the First Move, Models, Pricing Structures and DATOMS Enabling the Transition


Amiya Samantaray
CEO & Founder | DATOMS

Amrit Biswal

Digital Transformation Architect | DATOMS