The Digitalization Journey!
Solutions for Asset Intensive Industries.



Digitalization is transforming the “asset intensive” industries just as it has transformed every other sector of the world. With data at fingertips and the ability to analyze it in real time, manufacturers and engineers will be able to make smarter decisions and predictions to improve process efficiency and reliability of assets.

Join us to hear how digitalization can help asset-intensive industries reduce downtime and increase profitability by opening up new revenue streams.

In this webinar DATOMS is going to throw light on:

  • The future of maintenance for distributed machines and equipment’s. Upgrading assets with Digital Twin Technology.
  • From IoT to AIoT: Using IIoT and analytics for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to ensure high uptime for critical assets.
  • Emerging business models for enterprises through IT-OT convergence.
  • What DATOMS is doing for tapping such opportunities?

Special Guests

Sebastian Castillo | CEO & Founder-Varitech Ingenieria

Tokunbo Olaitan Arannilewa | CEO- Eonsfleet 

Denis Pavluchuk | Product Manager-Technoton


Amrit Biswal | Digital Transformation Architect-DATOMS

Pravash Swain | Business Development Manager-DATOMS