Smart IoT Solutions to Master the
Future Challenges of Water Management

solutions for sustainable water management

Water Management Solutions Embed To Address

Complex Urban-Environment

Complex Urban-Environment

Nature-based resilience options for supplementing the vintage and under-designed infrastructure.

Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis & Model Scenario

Examine causes, process, & potential impact in a data-scarce environment.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change prognosis to address vulnerability, risk and exposure to biotic, abiotic and build environment.

Tech Enable Modular Solutions

Tech Enable Modular Solutions

Smart Digital technologies, to capture real-time data (IoT) & facilitate inform decision making.


Accelerating better outcomes for the water industry with regular, relevant and real-time insights into the water infrastructure helping them maximize their return on investment and improve operational efficiency. We strive to bring innovation in the water sector by overcoming the existing challenges of how water managers, operators monitor, measure forecast and distribute water and boost efficiency in industrial, agricultural and municipal applications.

key challenges in water management

Components for Smart Water Management

Fully Integrated Smart Water Managemet Solution

Our smart water management solutions are designed to accumulate actionable data about the complete water distribution cycle.

Physical Component

Physical Components

Water Bodies, Reservoirs, Pipes, Pumps, Valves etc.


Water Meters, Data Loggers, Waterwatch, Limnimeters

Network Infrastructure

LoRaWAN, MODBUS, Cellular, Wireless, Bluetooth etc.


IoT Platforms, Datas, APIs, (Processing of data streams)


Dashboards, Visualization, Alerts, Reports etc.


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smart water management architecture

Improving public water management and governance system by providing rich and actionable data into the hands of decision-makers and build a dynamic process to drive long-term improvements in water management.

Building resilience for a brighter future

Smart Water Management Solutions for a Resilient Water Future

Smart Monitoring of Water Infrastructure

With DATOMS smart water monitoring and management solutions, get real-time visibility into your entire infrastructure, thereby increasing efficiency and allowing efficient management of key resources that can act as a critical mechanism for risk management.

Water Pipeline
Monitoring & Leak Detection

With gateways and sensors installed along with the water delivery network, allows you to reduce losses by mapping distribution networks, identifying leakages, water theft and also inaccurate metering.

Water Pipeline Monitoring & Leak Detection

Remote Monitoring Solution for Pump Stations

Continuously monitor the performance and operation of pumps and motors to ensure the performance and reliability of pumping stations. Prevent any unwanted conditions by regularly monitoring the vital assets.

City Flood & Storm Water Management

Smart water sensors providing real-time information on meteorological data and helping reduce the occurrence of urban flooding by calculating the impact of rainfall on city sewerage and drainage system. Our solutions ensure events are captured as they happen and the excess runoff are monitored before being discharged to water bodies.

wastewater and stormwater
Smart Water Delivery

Smart Water Consumption
& Distribution

Smart sensors and water meters will help monitor the consumption of water in real-time. This will help identify over consumption and wastages also data analysis tools will help build a smart distribution network.

Industrial Waste Water Monitoring

An integrated solution that lets you comply with the environmental norms by actively monitors the discharge of industrial waste, effluents and sewerage helping reduce the pollutant loads before being released into freshwater bodies.

Industrial Waste Water Monitoring​
Streams & River Data Monitoring​

Stream and River Monitoring

Monitoring of streams and rivers are essential to keep a check on the flow of nutrients discharged into water bodies, without proper management of these effluent discharge will lead to undesirable eutrophication, that can harm marine life & disrupt economies globally.

a look of features under the hood

Software Features & Functionalities


Data Visualization


Historical Data


Integrated Billing


Customer Management


Alert & Notification


Custom Reports


GIS & Heat Maps


Predictive Analytics

IoT technology for Smart water system

Smart Benefits of Water Monitoring Systems

Water Management System_Solution_Icon

Reduced Water Consumption & Bills

Decreased maintenance & Repair Costs

Decreased Maintenance
& Repair Costs

pre-predict potential failures

Potential Failures

recaptured billings

Recapture Billing
and Revenue

Stakeholder cooperation

Effective Coordination
& Stakeholder Engagement

Water Management System_Solution_Icon

Reduced Leakage and Wastage reduction

Remote Control Water Infrastructure

Remote Control of Water Infrastructure

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Service & Customer satisfaction

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