Case Studies

Read our case studies to learn more about the benefit industries /oragnizations achieved using DATOMS IOT Solution.

Remote Monitoring of Industrial Assets - Solution Deployed at ONGC Gas Wells

DATOMS provides its customers Industrial IoT and WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) solutions to enhance and empower their businesses...

Environmental Monitoring Sensor Network for Bhubaneswar Smart City

The capital city of Odisha-Bhubaneswar better known as the “City of Temples” is one among the fastest growing commercial and trading hubs of the country...

CapaCITIES & Aurassure- Transforming Cities & Enhancing Well Being

Cities are the backbone for global development. They play a crucial role in achieving sustainable development and combating climate change...

India's First Comprehensive City-Level Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System for The City of Kolkata

Urban flooding is a global phenomenon posing a big challenge for many of our countries due to deficiency of sufficient drainage infrastructure...

A Case Study on How DATOMS helped Client to reduce their Operational expense by Using Diesel Generator Monitoring

Diesel Generator (DG) set is an essential item found in Industrial building, commercial complexes and residential....

Honeywell collaborates with Phoenix Robotix to deploy Environmental Sensors across Rajkot Smart City

Over the past decade, the city of Rajkot has experienced a rapid rate of urbanization along with the consequent rise in vehicular and industrial emissions...

OCL India embraces DATOMS® for centralised Pollution Monitoring

OCL India Limited, formerly (Orissa Cement Ltd) is one of the largest and premier cement manufacturing plants of Odisha...


Sponge Iron Industries (OSIMA group of companies) are among the leading companies in manufacturing Sponge Iron and its derivative products in Odisha....

Health impacts of air pollution on school children: Massive threat to our posterity

Dawn of free economy in the ’90s has brought a sharp increase in industrialization, traffic and infrastructure...

Industrial Internet of Things and a path forward towards a sustainable growth

Protecting the Environment and common people from environmental hazards is one of the utmost priority for any industry due to stringent Environment...

DATOMS IoT Platform to Provide Weather Insights from Sokol-M Weather Station

We, Phoenix Robotix Private Limited and Escort Monitoring Systems have partnered to integrate Sokol-M Weather Station with our IoT Platform | DATOMS...

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