Aurassure trust

Aurassure Trust

Aurassure Trust is a cost-effective environmental awareness system, designed specifically to educate and raise air quality awareness, including research activities. This portable solution can be easily deployed in school, colleges, hospitals and research institutes to measure different environmental parameters like particulate matters, gases, noise, radiations etc. The solution also comprises of a weather and urban flood monitoring system. The weather system can be extremely beneficial in the field of agriculture and farming to help the farmers improve their irrigation pattern and safeguard their crops against adverse climatic conditions in advance. The flood monitoring system will track the inundation and water levels in canals and rivers, during extreme rainfall events and cyclones, to prevent life and property loss.

Gases & Particulates

CO2, VOC, PM2.5, PM10

Weather Parameters

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction


Rainfall, Inundation Level, Dam Level, Power Station Status


Ethernet, GPRS, Wi-Fi, LoRa


220v AC Power Supply / Battery Powered / Solar PoweredPole Mount / Wall Mount