Aurassure Infra

Aurassure Infra

Aurassure infra is a smart environmental monitoring system, employing wireless sensor networks, designed specifically for industries and smarter cities, for continuous monitoring of air quality in real-time. The compact, lightweight and modular design of the device, enables it to be easily deployed anywhere around the city. Integrated with features such as automatic calibration and remote configuration, increases its efficiency by reducing any human interference. Aurassure high-end sensors comprehensively measure a wide range of environmental gases, along with ambient, flood and weather parameters to accurately capture and measure meteorological data in real-time. Integrated with advanced graphical tools, like wind and pollution rose, Aurassure lets you easily analyze and interpret the source and cause of air pollution.

AQI Parameters

PM10, PM2.5, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, NH3

Gaseous Parameters

O2, CO2, NO, CH4

Weather Parameters

Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction


UV, Ambient light, Noise


Ethernet, GPRS, Wi-Fi, LoRa


220v AC Power Supply / Battery Powered / Solar PoweredPole Mount / Wall Mount