Environmental Monitoring

An IOT-enabled intelligent system, to address the environmental concerns effectively. The sensors monitor various environment gases, dust and weather parameters. The devices provide high-resolution data to monitor micro environments cross the city. The data empowers the government & citizens with the real-time awareness of the environment, facilitating informed decisions and a healthy lifestyle.

Aurassure Infra

Wireless Environmental Monitoring System for Industries & Smart Cities.

Aurassure Trust​

Cost-Effective Environment & Flood Monitoring System.

Weather Station

Stand-Alone Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.


Industrial IoT Gateway Device.

Key Features


Easily place and Replace components increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

& Private

Advance standards of encryption to ensure authenticity and confidentiality of data.

Multi-Mode Connectivity

Supports multiple options for connectivity including Lora, Wifi, GPRS, Bluetooth etc.


Trigger actions diagnose and control the device from anywhere around the world.

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