Top 5 Reasons why OEMs should choose
DATOMS | DG Monitoring System

Quick Summary:

Generators are very much the most important assets for any business organization. Generators ensure the continuity of business doesn’t hamper due to sudden power outages. However, these industrial gensets are quite expensive and require regular and on-time maintenance to enhance and boost their performance over the long term.

DATOMS | DG Monitoring System helps optimize the performance of generators by remotely monitoring a wide variety of parameters using IoT and analytics. The solution integrates with smart sensors and devices to efficiently monitor key parameters and send alerts/notifications whenever an anomaly is detected. Below we’ve listed five key reasons why you should opt for a smart monitoring system for your generators.

1. Centralized Monitoring: A centralized platform that gives you the flexibility to monitor and manage all your generators located at multiple sites through a single dedicated dashboard, which can be accessed from almost anywhere and anytime. Now you can have real-time visibility of your entire fleet of generators and can track and download their performance report to your mobile/web devices.

2. Fuel Theft/Pilferage Monitoring: Fuel accounts for more than 75% of overall generator operational costs. Fuel consumption patterns help understand the running efficiency and performance of generators. Our fuel monitoring system helps you keep a track of any over-consumption or fuel leakage to evade revenue setback. The system also comes up with a unique theft-control mechanism that warns the user whenever there is any suspicious activity of fuel theft and pilferage.

3. Energy Consumption Patterns: Our monitoring solution keeps track of your generator day to day energy consumption and load patterns to ensure there’s no excessive tear/wear or carbon build-up. Analysing consumption patterns will help you track the load on every single generator and distribute the load equally based on usage.

4. Predictive Maintenance Analysis: Quickly identify signs of problems with your generator prior to components failure and minimize replacement and labour costs due to critical failure. Predictive maintenance keeps your system running by maximizing the operating time of your generators by anticipating their failure in advance. This will help you schedule and plan your maintenance related activities well in advance, prior to any unwarranted breakdown to ensure the longevity of your generator sets.

5. Remote Diagnosis & Health Monitoring: Our remote diagnostic feature allows you to monitor the health and performance of generators remotely over the internet. The feature insures you against any malfunction that arises in the generator and instantly notifies the technician/engineer whenever issues begin to develop. This smart service provides you with faster service over the internet in the shortest possible time reducing the need for costly on-site visits.

How the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) can benefit from DATOMS | DG Monitoring System?

Manufacturers can leverage DATOMS Smart DG Monitoring Solution to determine the cause affecting the performance of generators in real-time. The data generated will help manufacturers predict and prevent issues even before they arise, helping them improve their machine design and performance in future. DATOMS provides OEMs with a One-Hood-Solution for offer multiple services.

1. Asset Management: Gain real-time visibility on your genset location and performance, organize your devices into groups and territory, remotely manage gensets to maximize their availability lowering their operational costs.

2. Service Management: Automate and streamline your service activities to pinpoint and resolve issues before it gets unavoidable, generate triggers for timely AMC management, scheduling services, managing spares and consumable inventories.

3. Customer Management: Manage every aspect of the customer lifecycle, visualize data at multiple levels for making efficient business decisions, dedicated roles and privileges for every user and customers. Create connected and empathetic customer experiences.


  • Benchmark usage across deployment sites.
  • Deliver smarter generators to your customers and enhance their experience.
  • Generate new revenue opportunities in spares, consumables and support.
  • Manage customers as per their roles & hierarchy.
  • Accurate and real-time assessment of your generator performance.

DATOMS | DG Monitoring Solution is OEMs perfect choice that fulfils all your requirements to track and access real-time data from your generators deployed across multiple sites. A comprehensive generator monitoring solution that eliminates the risk of sudden unwarranted generator failure and shutdowns. A complete end-to-end solution minimizing your operational expenses and maximizing your ROI.

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