Air Pollution Threatening Survival of Humans Globally

More than 91% of world’s population lives in places exceeding WHO air quality guidelines. Every year nearly 4.2 million people lose their live due to breathing polluted air. Ambient air pollution accounts for 17% of all death and diseases from acute respiratory infections.

Challenges in Air Quality Monitoring

Data Collection

Traditional methods of air quality monitoring include bulky and expensive monitoring stations, hence are less densely deployed and also provide low resolution sensing data. These limitations restrict air quality monitoring to a finite area, and hence air pollution monitoring in broader area is not feasible.


Conventional pollution monitoring methods lack temporal and spatial resolution of information’s and are also not economically sustainable. Current solutions offer specific dataset for a sole station. But there is a need for multiple data points to have a holistic view across the city.


Lack of precise and spatial resolution of data can lead to false alerts and warnings exposing citizens to higher levels of pollution than the official statistics. Lack of information due to absence of any early warning system keeps people and governments ignorant about the quality of air, restricting them to take any action in the event of increased pollution.

Aurassure (Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System)​


Low cost and portable systems can be easily clamped to any pole and walls, in critical regions of the city. Feasible for large-scale deployment of the systems.


Visualize the intensity distribution of different pollutants across the region and get high spatio-temporal air quality information captured by the sensor nodes.


Analyze and review the sensitive air quality data continuously to trigger warnings for the citizens notifying a rise in pollution level.

Aurassure smart air quality monitoring systems, transforms the traditional methods used to measure and monitor air quality by utilizing wireless and sensor-based technologies reducing the size of air quality monitoring systems to one-fourth and even smaller.

Aurassure is a network of smart and intelligent devices that can sense, transmit and analyze air quality data utilizing IoT and Big data technologies in a ubiquitous information and communication network helping improve the overall quality of life in cities by providing real-time information’s and high resolution of data to city administrators, governments and citizens to implement efficient action plans and policies to check levels of air pollution within limits.


Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Architectural Diagram

Multitudinous Aurassure devices capture data from different zones in the city; like public places, residential areas, industrial areas, traffic posts, parks and tourist places. Acquired data is transmitted through multiple options of connectivity like GPRS, Wi-Fi, LoRa to our centralized cloud platform. This data can be visualized in real-time, through our interactive web and mobile applications and can also be integrated with public display systems as well as 3rd party applications through standard API’s

Software Solution


Intutive Dashboards


24 / 7 Monitoring


Alerts and Notifications


Actionable Insights


Custom Reports


User Management

Where can be deployed

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Screenshot_2021-01-22 Air Quality Monitoring – Datoms

Smart Cities

Deploying an intelligent network of sensors to elevate the quality of living in urban and smart cities.

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Communities & Hospitals

Improving and raising resident's awareness about the importance of healthy air in hospitals, schools and communities.

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Industries can leverage the Aurassure platform in real-time, for fenceline monitoring and draft effective environmental policy.

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Research Areas

Research communities can utilize the data for various state of art algorithm development and publication works

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Construction Sites

Monitoring compliance and standards to achieve environment & health benefits of workers in construction areas.


Aurassure smart air quality monitoring system supplements the conventional methods of pollution monitoring by providing high resolution of
spatial and temporal pollution data. These data can be used to improve exposure estimates, by raising the awareness levels of people, communities and governments.


Other key benefits that can be availed through Aurassure pollution monitoring systems are :-

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